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Senin, 29 Agustus 2011

The importance for Islam Education

Education constitutes key word for each that man it gets knowledge. Only by knowledge education will be gotten and is absorbed with every consideration. No wonder if now government makes compulsory to program studying nine that year society becomes clever and genteel. Education also constitute approximate methods that corresponds to man character that have step phase in growth.
Education Islamicing to have 3 (three) activity step, which is: tilawah (have read  is God's sentence), tazkiyah (purifying soul) and ta ’ limul wa sunnah's book (teaching al book and  far seeing). Education can revamp folly's society becomes best people to be caused education has excess. Education has Islamic understanding forming characteristic whole one and comprehensive, preserve what already been studied it, development on knowledge that be gotten and that regular on syariah's rail. Result of Islam education will form calm soul, smart and physical mind strong one and a lot of charitable.

Islamic education gets consolidated deep ruhiyah's education, fikriyah (grasp / thinking) and amaliyah (activity). Islamic point to be imbedded deep individual needs succeeding step to be developed to empowerment at all human life sector. Developed potency then is led to reality potency by enters various life area. (QS. Ali Imran (3 ): 103)

Chastened education SWT'S Allah pass through its stemmed Apostle to Al Qur ’ an as reference and that approaching with tarbiyah will form aware society and makes God as I. As only. 

Life they will felicitate at the world and eternity. Usufruct knowledge that be gotten is comfort big one, which is as gnostic as, self-respect, force and association. 
To the effect main in Islamic education is that man has picture about Islam which be clear, whole and comprehensive.  
            Interaction in this self give influence to of presenting, attitude, behaviour and its charitable so results akhlaq that good. Akhlaq this needs and have by the exercise of been coached reads and study  Al Qur ’ an, sholat is night, shoum (fasting) sunnah, concerning to family and society. Progressively frequent it does training, therefore more and more charitable it and getting easy it does righteousness. Besides training will deliver her have wont that finally becomes knockabout life style.

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